Water Purifiers

Even water that looks sparkling clear may be made safer by using water purifiers to improve the quality. A water purifier works like water filters to remove mineral deposits. It can also remove viruses from the water such as Hepatitis A.

A water filtration system can remove all types of chemicals like pesticides and minerals such as iron and calcium from drinking water. Different types of systems remove different levels of these. A water softener can remove calcium and iron ions from water. Reverse osmosis also gets rid of contaminated material in water.

Water purifiers can use a halogen such as chlorine or iodine to kill any viruses or bacteria that may live in the water. Another method is using an electrostatic charge to trap viruses in a filter to keep them from being passed into the drinking water.

Water Purifiers Types

Water Purifier

Portable Water Purifier

There are portable water purifiers that are popular with hikers and people traveling to areas where the water may not be as pure as they’d like. These purifiers will clean the water before they drink it and rid it of any harmful bacteria or viruses. This is especially useful if you might be drinking from a well or stream.

You can also buy a countertop or whole house water purifier. A countertop water purifier would mainly be used for drinking or cooking water but would not affect the entire water supply. Whole house water purifiers will cleanse the water supply starting at the entry point into the home. This is often useful if you get your water supply from a well.

As more contaminants and pollutants come into contact with the water supply, it’s more necessary than ever to consider purifiers to make your drinking water safe. Cost can be a determining factor with whole house purifiers being the most expensive to purchase. They also must be installed by a professional but can last for many years.

If you get your water from a well, you might want to consider a well purifier. The ground contains many contaminants that will end up in the water and make it unsafe. Not all purifiers work on all water sources. Those designed for wells will not work if your source is a river or lake.

When considering a water treatment system such as a purifier, do your research to find out what kind will meet your needs and fit in your budget.

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